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1040 Tax Form Toilet Paper

Item# 69-012

We Don't Think You'll Be Able to Write Off This Toilet Paper Come April 15th.

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1040 tax form toilet paper - Click to enlarge
April 15th is like the anti-holiday. It means a bunch of work we don't want to do, and might even leave us a little lighter in the wallet. Sounds like a crappy deal to me. So, it's only right that the next time you need to write off some waste on the john, you wipe with the 1040 tax form toilet paper, for sale now! Everyone's least favorite form looks like it could use a little brown to go with that black and white! This funny toilet paper might not give you any refunds, but you'll get a credit of satisfaction every time you flush those nasty forms down the drain. Show the IRS exactly where they can stick their money-grubbing hands where the sun don't shine!
1040 Tax Form Toilet Paper
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