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1957 Corvette Front 3-D Wall Shelf

Item# 020-014

Feel like you rule the road again with this '57 Chevy wall shelf.

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1957 Corvette Front 3-D Wall Shelf - Click to enlarge
When you think of classic muscle or sports cars, which car immediately comes to mind? For most guys, the answer is probably going to be the iconic, beloved 1957 Chevrolet Corvette. The '57 Chevy is what made the Corvette line explode into fame and success, attracting guys all over the country. It was impossible to resist its charms. And what charms they were! This car had it all: speed, power, control, anything you could ask out of a car. In its heyday, there was no greater chick magnet, and no better way of showing superiority on the road and in life. Even today, the '57 Chevy is talked about as if it was the Holy Grail of classic automobiles. You don't need to go on an expensive quest to find one, though: relive those memories and get the spirit of that incredible fusion of steel and technology into your home with the 1957 Corvette Front 3-D Wall Shelf.

The 1957 Corvette Front 3-D Wall Shelf is a strong, durable replica of the front end of the legendary '57 Corvette. It's made to last, and accurate down to the most minute details. The sheet of tempered glass resting above the replica is perfect for storage or display in whatever section of the home you find a place to put it, whether it be the garage, den or man cave. Neighbors will be gushing over it just like they do over the car itself. Unfortunately, not many people today can say that they can hop into a '57 Chevy and cruise around to their heart's content. Luckily, we now have the next best thing. Show off your top notch taste in classic cars to all of your friends and family; grab a 1957 Corvette Front 3-D Wall Shelf today!

20" X 7.88" X 6"
20" X 7.88" X 6"
1957 Corvette Front 3-D Wall Shelf
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June 26, 2014
Just what I ordered

New Jersey
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

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