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These 300 swords will bring the madness into your house.

300 Spartan Swords
The movie 300 set out to redefine what an action movie could be, and it succeeded wildly. It was brutal, it was over the top, it was violent, and it was a triumph. The tale of the last stand of the 300 Spartans was one full of swordfights, gruesome deaths, and pure strength of body and mind. This action movie classic can now come to you when you buy one of these 300 swords, for sale below. You can relive the slaughter of droves of invading Persians at the hands of the superior Spartans and their swords, and have a top-notch collectors item while you're at it.

Shop Our New and Best 300 Spartan Swords

All of these 300 movie weapons are authentic and officially licensed, making them perfect for any sort of movie buff or collector. If you love action movies, you probably can't get enough of 300, so why not bring in some replicas of the weapons actually used by the Spartans in the movie? Memories of the madness of that movie will come back every day when you walk past one of these high-quality pieces of movie memorabilia. Don't wait around; buy yourself some 300 swords today, and prepare for glory!

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