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1977 SE Pontiac Trans AM 3-D Wall Shelf

Item# 020-020

Smokey and the Bandit will come tearing into your home with this Trans-Am wall shelf.

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1977 SE Pontiac Trans AM Car Wall Shelf for SALE - Click to enlarge
In 1977, who didn't love Smokey and the Bandit? I don't know if you can ask anything more of a movie that is basically one long car chase. Every guy in America wanted to be Burt Reynolds, tearing down Southern roads and eluding cops in his sharp 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am. He couldn't be caught, and just about everyone knew it. That movie helped the popularity of that car spike, but it didn't really need the help. In a time when muscle cars were in steady decline, the '77 Trans-Am was an oasis in the desert. It had power, speed, control; everything that was part of the muscle car giants of the 1960s. It might be hard to find one of those Trans-Ams today, but you can still relive the memories of Smokey and the Bandit and brilliant chase scenes with the '77 SE Pontiac Trans-Am 3-D Wall Shelf.

The '77 SE Pontiac Trans-Am 3-D Wall Shelf is a detailed replica of the front end of Reynolds' famous car in Smokey and the Bandit. It sports a sheet of tempered glass, perfect for storing tools in your garage, sports trophies in your game room or remote controls in your den. This sleek looking shelf will give that rugged, manly toughness to any room in your house, and will have guys all over the town wishing they had one just like it. It's a sturdy and durable shelf that is made to last, and will supply your home with all the nostalgia of the muscle car era you could possibly want. This shelf makes a perfect gift, especially if it's just a well-deserved gift to yourself. Check it out; the '77 SE Pontiac Trans-Am 3-D Wall Shelf is not to be missed.

Measures: 19.5W x 7H x 7.5D inches
Measures: 19.5W x 7H x 7.5D inches
1977 SE Pontiac Trans AM 3-D Wall Shelf
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