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AH-1W Super Cobra Model Helicopter

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AH-1W Super Cobra Model Helicopter for SALE

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AH-1W Super Cobra - Click to enlarge
The AH-1 SuperCobra is a twin-engine attack helicopter based on AH-1 Cobra.

The AH-1 Cobra was developed in the mid-1960s as an interim gunship for the U.S. Army. The Cobras and Sea Cobras were deployed in the Gulf War for a support role. The AH-1W Super Cobras destroyed 97 tanks, 104 armored personal carriers and vehiclesand two anti-aircraft artillery sites during the 100-hour ground campaign. The AH-1 was also used by the Pakistan Army as its primary gunship helicopter during the mid- 1970s tribal uprising in Pakistan's Baluchistan province. The AH-1s continued to operate with the U.S. Marine Corps. The AH-1W utilizes a more diverse array of ordnance compared to the Apache. The AH-1W has a crew of 2, one pilot and a co-pilot/gunner (CPG). It has a maximum speed of 190 knots and a range of 317 nm. The primary users of the AH-1 are the U.S. Marine Corps, Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Republic of China Army and the Turkish Army.

The AH-1W Super Cobra was considered the backbone of the United States Marine Corp's attack fleet, but it will be replaced by the AH-1Z Viper upgrade in the next decade.
• 1/32 scale model •Span Inches 18•Length Inches 17•Weight 3.85
AH-1W Super Cobra Model Helicopter
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