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Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

Item# 56-000

Automatically Prevent Contamination & Save Money

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Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers - Click to enlarge
Automatic Paper Towel DispenserAutomatic Paper Towel DispenserAutomatic Paper Towel DispenserAutomatic Paper Towel Dispenser
The touchless automatic paper towel dispenser uses state of the art LED sensors to dispense and cut paper towel to any length you choose. Simply break the beam on the right with your hand and towel instantly starts to dispense, as soon as you remove your hand from the beam, paper towel stops dispensing.

Now that you have your desired length of towel, break the beam on the left and the automatic paper towel dispenser cuts and holds the paper towel until you are ready to use it. The internal rotating cutting blade is self-sharpening and never has to be replaced. Because the user does not touch anything while dispensing or cutting paper towel it dramatically reduces cross contamination in the kitchen.


It doesn't matter what paper towel you buy, it's designed to work with any brand.


Unlike other automatic dispensers, there is no need to wave back and forth in front of a sensor, hoping that it will see your hand. The sensors instantly recognizes and reacts to yourhand.


There's no need to wait for the appliance to finish dispensing or cutting. As soon as your hand triggers an operation, it instantly reacts.


Regardless of perforation, you can decide how long or how short of a piece you need.


Because you control how much (or how little) paper towel you actually need, you can save up to 200 rolls of paper towel peryear!


Because you don't have to touch anything to use it, there is no inadvertent spread of germs andbacteria.

The automatic paper towel dispenser uses any paper towel that you can purchase at a local super market, the brand or perforations do not matter, and it even accommodates jumbo rolls. Because the automatic paper towel dispenser allows the user to control the length of towel they need it eliminates any waste, saving you money. Installs easily underneath your cabinets with included hardware and template.

You know the routine, your hands are a mess and you need a paper towel but how do you get just the piece you want without contaminating the rest of the roll? With the patented automatic paper towel dispenser you can now dispense and cut any brand and size paper towel to any length you need. Standard paper towel holders require you to hold the roll while getting your piece, they take up valuable counter space, are messy, and very wasteful because they require you to rip the paper towel at the manufacturers perforation, determining the size of the towel for you.

The automatic paper towel dispenser puts the size selection in your hands allowing you to dispense and cut just the piece of towel you want. The under cabinet mounting design gives you back your counter space. It operates with two LED sensors making every use a truly touch free experience, place your hand in the dispense zone (right side) and paper towel instantly starts to feed out, once you have your desired length remove your hand and place it in the cut zone (left side) and cuts and hold your piece of towel until you are ready to use it, in the matter of seconds you just put the length of towel you wanted at your finger tips. The internal self-sharpening blade ensures it's a perfect clean cut every time, no need to worry about changing batteries, the automatic paper towel dispenser is not a toy, it plugs into a standard outlet and will quickly become the most used appliance in your home.

Feature: Dispense and cut paper towel to any length.

  • Benefit: User determines the length of towel they need not the manufacturer of the roll
  • Benefit: By eliminating wasted paper towel the user saves money

Feature: Super reactive touchless LED sensors

  • Benefit: Eliminates cross contamination making your kitchen a cleaner space
  • Benefit: Puts paper towel at your fingertips in seconds
  • Benefit: Unlike the motion sensor dispensers in public restrooms, the CLEANCut reacts instantly to the users command


Feature: Uses any brand of paper towel

  • Benefit: User chooses their favorite type of paper towel regardless of perforations
  • Benefit: Accommodates jumbo rolls and blue shop towel

Feature: Self-sharpening internal cutting blade

  • Benefit: Never has to be replaced


Feature: Low profile under cabinet mount

  • Benefit: Keeps counters clutter free

Feature: Plugs into a standard outlet, not a battery operated toy

  • Benefit: No batteries to replace
  • Benefit: Always powered and ready to operate at your command


Feature: Available in Black, White and Stainless Steel Finish

  • Benefit: Match the color of your current kitchen appliances

Feature: Easy to install

  • Benefit: Mounting hardware and template included
Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Must Have for Special Needs Households
June 21, 2013
If you live with someone who has only use of 1 arm, this is great and saves you (the caregiver) from another time-stealing task you do b/c you love, but it's so good when they can get it for themselves!!!
Time-saver and allows independence
Could be cheaper..but hey sometimes you gotta pay for peace...

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

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