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Ah, beer pong. A real manís sport. Probably the most important new sport of our generation. Too often is this glorious sport subjected to terrible and unprofessional acts. Kids today are throwing a piece of wood on a table and calling it a beer pong table. Itís a disgrace, really. No, what you need is any of our professional beer pong tables for sale. These real tables will put all others to shame and provide the enjoyment to the game that is truly deserves.

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Donít see a table here that you like? Really? Sounds like something is probably wrong with you. Unless youíre looking to make a personalized table, we do have that option too. Just give us the design you want for these 8 foot tables and weíll give you the beer pong table youíve previously only dreamed of. Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like a Beer Pong Table with Mommy's face on both ends. Or you can stick with one of the many previously designed tables we have for sale today.

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