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Birdhouse Radio

Item# 131-003

These speakers are conveniently built right into a birdhouse so you can hang it outside an listen to tunes while you do some birdwatching. You've earned your relax time, do it right!

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Birdhouse Radio - Click to enlarge
Birdhouse RadioBirdhouse RadioBirdhouse RadioBirdhouse RadioBirdhouse RadioBirdhouse RadioBirdhouse Radio
  • Birdhouse with FM radio and MP3 player
  • Play music while you relax outside
  • See what kind of music the birds like
  • Hilarious ďbird discoĒ design
  • Wood color with multicolored roof

Birdhouse Radios Are Fly FM/MP3 Players

Birds are always singing outside your window in the morning. Donít you think that itís about time that you returned the favor? With this birdhouse radio designed to look like a super fun bird disco, youíll have visitors literally dropping out of the sky to check out the new hot spot. Now you can actually do experiments to see what the birds around you are into. Is this going to be a rocking bird dive bar or an upscale dance house? Itís all about demand, see how many birds respond to different types of music!

The Perfect Outdoor Radio To Sunbathe Next To

When youíre enjoying one of your well deserved days off out in your backyard, having a drink, thereís nothing more relaxing. The grass is freshly cut, the wind is just right, itís not too hot or too cold, all thatís missing is some birdís merrily chirping. Listen to your favorite tunes and expect some visitors. You never know who might drop in!

Birdhouse Radio
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