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Bottle Beer Bong

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Bottle Beer BongBottle Beer Bong
Head Rush Beer Bongs - Bottle Beer Bong. Slips on top of any bottle, ... and it's down in seconds.

Head Rush Bottle Beer Bongs are the most popular Beer Bongs on the market today! Beer Bongs have been popular since the 60's through the present day.... Head Rush Bottle Beer Bongs is the modern version of the classic "Funnel & Tube" Beer Bong.

You are guarnteed to be the "Life of the Party"!

There is no doubt that the funnel & tube beer bongs are fun, but our pocket sized beer bongs are great where ever you go! Fits any beer bottle with no foam and no hassle!

Chug a beer straight from the bottle! Your friends will be amazed that you can pound a beer in 3 seconds, with no foam and no hassle!

How it works: -Place thin tube inside beer bottle -Secure bottle bong on top of bottle neck -Place finger on carb-hole -Bring tube to mouth -Tilt head back, turn bottle upside down to begin drinking -Remove finger from carb-hole... and it's down in seconds!

Built simply to last for years...

  • Makes a Great Gift
  • Have a Chug-a-Lug Contest
  • It's Pocket Size
  • No Foam = No Hassle GREAT FOR: Parties, BBQ's, Spring Break, Bars, River Trips, Tailgate Parties, everywhere you bring Head Rush Bottle Beer Bongs , it will be a hit!

    Good Luck! and Have Fun with your Head Rush Bottle Beer Bong!!
  • Bottle Beer Bong
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