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Bottle Blade Bottle Opener

Item# 042-142

This Bottle Opener is Truly Cutting-Edge

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Blade Opener - Click to enlarge

Looks Dangerous, But Only Bottles Need Be Scared of This Blade

You lookin' at me, bottle? I see you, staring up at me with your glistening condensation and tight cap. It's time to end this. Carry this flashy Bottle Blade Bottle Opener with you so you'll never be caught off guard if a bottle jumps at you in some dark alley. Watch out!

At 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" this "bottle blade" is gorgeously finished in brushed stainless steel and packaged just as nice. Never go scared, always be prepared, and open your next bottle in style!

Bottle Blade Bottle Opener
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