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Drinkman Cassette Player Hip Flask

Item# 80-057

Drink up and party down with these cool, retro Cassette Player Hip Flasks!

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Drinkman Cassette Player Hip Flask - Click to enlarge
  • Hip flask that appears to be a cassette player
  • Drink on the run and on your run
  • Color: Red/Black

Drinkman Cassette Player Hip Flask Lets You Drink On The Run

Years ago, before iPods and mp3 players, there were these things called “CDs.” They actually closely resemble blu-ray or PlayStation 3 discs only they were used to play music. And even before that, there were these wild contraptions known as “audio cassette tapes.” These “tapes,” much like iPods today, were used to play and store music. Only instead of thousands of songs, cassettes were only able to hold around 15 songs per side. Oh that’s right, and when you wanted to hear more songs you had to eject your cassette, flip it over, and play it from the other side. Crazy times.

Keep Your Drinking Hidden And Obvious At The Same Time

To celebrate these flawed, antique machines we have the Cassette Player Hip Flask. So have a drink with some friends, relax and talk about how much better things are in the modern world.

Drinkman Cassette Player Hip Flask
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