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Charles Darwin Ornament

Item# 019-308

This ornament looks just like Charles Darwin; the father of evolution, but the christians don't have to know it isn't Santa. No need to start fights over Christmas ham.

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Charles Darwin Ornament - Click to enlarge
Charles Darwin OrnamentCharles Darwin Ornament
  • Holiday Ornament
  • Hang it from your Christmas Tree
  • Stands on its own
  • Looks similar to Santa Claus
  • Color: Beige/White
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 inches

Charles Darwin Ornaments Make Your Christmas Evolve

The funny thing about the man who created the theory of evolution as we know it to day is that he looked an awful lot like Santa Claus. Santa Claus and his reindeer actually go against everything that the theory of evolution teaches, but this ornament is a way to show some respect to science. Most people will think that you just hung a Santa ornament on your tree like every other boring one. The truth is that this is a tribute to the man that destroyed creationism.

The Perfectly Ironic Ornament For Atheists And Scientists

There is a striking similarity between atheists and scientists; they both love to base everything they believe on verifiable facts, crazy right? Charles Darwin is a man who was brave enough to argue against the beliefs of people who would want to kill him for thinking differently. Think differently about how to decorate your holiday tree this year, the irony will be palpable. This is a fantastic gift for people who live with their eyes open.

Charles Darwin Ornament
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