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Cold Boulders Rock Ice Cubes

Item# 042-075

Put Your Drink on the Rocks -- For Real!

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Cold Boulders Rock Ice Cubes - Click to enlarge
Cold Boulders Rock Ice CubesCold Boulders Rock Ice Cubes

Someone Giving You the Cold Shoulder? Have a Drink With Some Cold Boulders!

Soft drinks are great, but maybe you prefer something a little harder. We're not currently talking about alcohol, but that's entirely possible too. These reusable, dishwasher-safe granite-inspired Cold Boulders Rock Ice Cubes will bring a smile to the face of anyone who asks for their drink 'on the rocks.' Just freeze them, drop them in your glass, and rock on with an icy cold double entendre! An awesome gift idea.

  • Eight(8) assorted boulders
  • Shaped and colored like stones
  • Each measures approximately one(1) inch in diameter
Cold Boulders Rock Ice Cubes
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