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Dashboard Jesus

Item# 019-065

This little prophet on a spring will help you forgive and forget the next time someone cuts you off on the road.

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Dashboard JesusDashboard Jesus
If youíre Christian, you believe Jesus was a pretty important guy. Kind of like the Will Smith of biblical times. If youíre any other religion you feel he was a regular guy who got famous for no good reason. Think Kim Kardashian. Either way he was a popular dude who inspired many. It seems like his symbol, the cross, is around every other personís neck. Iím still not sure why people think thatís the best way to celebrate the manís life; if I died from food poisoning I wouldnít want people to start wearing Golden Arches around their necks.

Celebrate Jesus the way he would want to be remembered by purchasing a Dashboard Jesus for your car. Now you and Jesus can rock out to some tunes together while driving across highways. There is no better way to accept Jesus into your heart. Each vinyl Jesus figure sits atop a metal spring with an adhesive base which will easily stick to your car dashboard or any other surface. If you want to go to heaven you have to buy this product.

  • Size: 4 ĹĒ Tall
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Attached to Metal Spring with Adhesive Base
Dashboard Jesus
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
very pleased
December 12, 2013
I had purchased one of these at a tourist spot and returned there to get more and they had none. Being aggressive I went on line and was thrilled to find these. Price and service are great.

Mary Ames
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

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