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Dragon Mutilator Double Dagger with Plaque

Item# 032-138

Annihilate beasts with the Dragon Mutilator Double Dagger!

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Dragon Mutilator Double Dagger with Plaque - Click to enlarge
Sometimes, a fantasy blade comes along and overcomes style with raw power and savagery. The Dragon Mutilator Double Dagger with Plaque, for sale now, is one such blade. The simple, black and silver design of this weapon might not look like much, but the real artistry here is the weapon itself. It has a staggering 4 points of attack, and can separate into two separate daggers. With a wing blade, including spikes, coming off each guard, who knows how to defend against this heartless blade? If you have a fantasy sword collection, this unique blade needs to be in there, to bring a dash of originality to the old standards. Get yours now, while you still can!

The Dragon Mutilator Double Dagger is 24'' long overall, with 4 points of attack; the two blades, and the two wing blades coming off each guard, complete with spikes jutting out. This weapon can split into two separate daggers, as well. Both daggers have 9'' long sharp silver blades, with a roaring metal dragon emblem on the base of each blade. The black handles both have comfortable grips. You'll also receive a collectors wooden display plaque, so you can show off this unusual weapon to all of your friends, who are sure to be wide-eyed with amazement. Don't risk missing out on this amazing deal; buy yourself a Dragon Mutilator Double Dagger with Plaque today!
24 Overall. Double dragon sword with 4 points of attack each & combine into one. Includes wood display plaque.
Dragon Mutilator Double Dagger with Plaque
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