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Exploding Gum Prank

Item# 66-007

Gum, Glorious Gum! Sick of people always asking for a piece of gum? They'll never look your way again after you hit them with this prank!

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Exploding Gum Prank - Click to enlarge

You'll Never Complain About the Volume of Someone's Gum-Chewing Again

Everybody knows that one person who's notorious for gum. Whether they chew it too loudly, are always chewing it no matter what, or are always asking people for a piece instead of getting their own pack. Send them a message with the Exploding Gum Prank! Kindly offer them a piece from this fake pack of gum and brace yourself for the loud BANG whenever they go to remove a stick of gum! Get yours and seek revenge today!

  • Uses caps from our Exploding Plastic Strip Caps item
Exploding Gum Prank
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