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Fake Bullet Hole Stickers

Item# 66-043

Bang! Bang Bang Bang! Bang Bang Bang Bang! Awesome trick stickers that make it look like your glass fell victim to gunfire.

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Fake Bullet Hole Stickers - Click to enlarge

A Lot More Fun Than Actually Getting Shot At

Don't you hate driving through those, you know, 'bad neighborhoods'? You know exactly what we're talking about. Rundown, dilapidated buildings, shady characters walking the streets. These are the kinds of places where you feel like a gun fight can break out any minute. Next time you travel through a seedy area, use these Fake Bullet Hole Stickers to let all the bad guys know that you've seen battle and you've survived it and you're not to be messed with!

  • Each pack comes with 3 hole stickers
Fake Bullet Hole Stickers
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