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Fake Snot

Item# 31-070

Fool People Into Thinking You Have a Record-Length Snot String! Let your booger hang low, let it wobble to and fro! This fake snot is just plain funny and gross!

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Stick It in Your Nose for Hilarious Reactions

Wedge one of these into your nose, pull it down and let it snap! People will be grossed out and entertained all at the same time. That's sort of what we're all about. Use your Fake Snot any way you choose, but the best way(we think) is to leave it hanging out of your nose and pretend you don't even know it's there! It'll be hilarious to see which person has the nerve to try and tell you that you have a massive snot boogie hanging out of your face! Get yours today!

  • Made of rubber
  • Stretches out
Fake Snot
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