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Finger Tentacles

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If You Like Calamari, You Might Consider This Finger Food.

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Finger TentaclesFinger TentaclesFinger Tentacles

Tentacles For Your Fingers -- Instant Humanoid Squid Monster!

Ever had something fall behind your desk or couch and find yourself wishing you had longer fingers so you could reach it without having to really exert yourself? We feel your pain. That's why we love these Finger Tentacles. Long, pink and rubbery, these tentacles attach to your fingers and immediately make you look like a science experiment gone wrong.

Measuring in at approximately 7 inches long, each tentacle is adorned with tiny suction cups to really give off the appearance of a creepy squid monster. Each purchase comes with one tentacle, so make sure to fill up your whole hand! It goes great as a party favor. Get your fingers lengthened today!

Finger Tentacles
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