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Flavored Dental Floss

Flavored Dental Floss
One of the most common complaints youíll hear from a dentist is that youíre not flossing enough. Flossing really so bad the main problem is the lack of good flavors. Who wants the taste of mint between their teeth? Not us, thatís for sure. Luckily, in our Flavored Dental Floss department, mint is not an option. We have everything from our most popular flavor, Bacon to the salad option for vegetarians. Check out all that and more and get clean teeth today!

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As if dental floss wasnít enough we also have our unique flavored toothpaste! Available in bacon, pickle and cupcake flavors, these unique toothpastes make great gag gifts and party favors! Keep your chompers clean without losing the delicious food tastes in your mouth by purchasing all of our unique flavor floss and toothpastes we have in stock! You'll love it and your dentist will love it!

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