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Fleet GPS Tracking Device

Item# 76-05

This covert fleet vehicle tracking device is a fully featured tracker to give live vehicle GPS tracking data.

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Fleet GPS Tracking DeviceFleet GPS Tracking DeviceFleet GPS Tracking DeviceFleet GPS Tracking DeviceFleet GPS Tracking Device
  • Fast Installation with, Instant GPS Tracking Every 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes
  • Equipped with internal antennas for easy and covert installations
  • Extremely covert, about the size of a deck of playing cards
  • Access vehicle speed and location, plus detect hard braking, cornering or acceleration
  • Easy-to-Use Online Software- Watch & Manage From Anywhere.

If you run a trucking or bus company, you know how important GPS tracking can be. Well this vehicle GPS tracking device is the best GPS tracking devices for fleet and vehicles on the market, plus the best valued. Now you can manage vehicle/fleet, non-vehicle and/or supply chain assets with the precision solution for transportation. Easily increase billable miles and reduce fuel, maintenance and other operating costs. Our solution for transportation meets regulatory requirements and improves the overall safety and productivity of your mobile transportation assets with consolidated data access—in real-time. Plus it's so small and covert, drivers won't even know it's there!

Experience The Advantage

  • Superior GPS & cellular quality
  • Equipped with internal antennas making for easy and covert installations
  • Built-in Accelerometer for driver behavior capabilities and impact detection
  • Pre-impact data capture capabilities
  • Power sleep modes

How Much Does It Cost?

    Activation fee - $39.95 - Waived!

    Because GPS trackers use cellular carriers just like your mobile phone, there are monthly fees. However, unlike celluar carriers, you are not locked into a yearly contract - just pay monthly! You do have the option to change between getting updates every 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes. You can select the plan as soon as you receive your GPS device. The price breakdown is below:

    Monthly Plans
    • Professional Plan – Unlimited 30-second updates $39.95 per month
    • Standard Plan – Unlimited 2-minute updates $29.95 per month
    • Basic Plan – Unlimited 5-minute updates $24.95 per month)

    International Rates may vary depending on your local carrier

    If you have custom needs or looking for a personal tracking solution, contact us directly.

    This GPS Tracker Is Perfect for:

    • Fleet Tracking for Transportation, Construction and Utility Industry
    • Car Tracking for Personal or Employees
    • Work Order Management Integration
    • Increased Efficiency & Profitability
    • Asset Tracking
    • VIP Tracking
    • Law Enforcement and Government Agencies
    • Reduced Liability & Risks

    Diagnostics upgrade also gives you visibility in to the vehicle’s diagnostic data for information on metrics such as fuel level, oil pressure, mileage and critical error codes. For added security and control, and can even notify you when the device has been unplugged and then reconnected by the driver.

    GPS Screenshots

    Tracking Full Screen Real Time Tracking Live Share Link Routing Page

    Tracking Full Screen

    This screen can be entered by the selecting the arrow on the right side of the tracking sidebar. Full Screen Mode is excellent for monitoring centers or large displays, and gives users a better view of the resources on the map and their location.

    Real-Time Tracking

    This feature is great for monitoring a single asset, either an individual or one person within a fleet, in real time. This feature allows users to open up the tracking in a new window or tab within their browser.

    Live Share Link

    Users can send a link to anyone’s email address to show the location of an asset. The link can be set to have an expiration date from anytime between an hour and a month.

    Routing Page

    This page can easily determine which resource is closest to a given location. This helps companies save time and money by allowing for more efficient deployment.

    Share Directions Find Address Central Dashboard Tools and Settings

    Share Directions

    This feature further aids in efficient deployment by allowing directions from one location to another to be shared to a phone, tablet, or computer.

    Find Address

    This feature allows for efficient deployment to specific addresses by quickly evaluating the distance of a location from a resource.

    Central Dashboard

    This is the main location to view every part of the main tracking dashboard. It is simple and convenient for every user.

    Tools and Settings

    This menu allows the user to customize data by setting alert triggers, maintenance reminders, security interfaces and more.

    Group Editor Vehicle Editor Driver Editor Point of Interest Editor

    Group Editor

    This lets users separate assets, individuals, and vehicles based on location, purpose, and department.

    Vehicle Editor

    This feature helps keep track of a vehicle’s serial number, license plate, registration, driver, and other properties.

    Driver Editor

    Users can attach different field values such as name, phone number, job description, working hours, and medical information, to a specific driver account.

    Point of Interest Editor

    This feature makes it easy for users to access and dispatch vehicles, individuals, and assets to points of interest based on their location.

    Alerts History Create Geofence Create Geofence Route


    These panels allow users to monitor the amount of fuel within a vehicle and schedule maintenance reminders that can be sent as an email or text message.


    These panels allow users to see where a vehicle, asset, or individual has been during an exact time frame. Users can also set up specific times that an individual should be using a specific vehicle and link the driver’s profile to the vehicle automatically.

    Create Geofence

    Users can create an area for the generation of alerts and data when a vehicle is a certain distance from the area created.

    Create Geofence Route

    Users can create a specific route that drivers must follow, and alerts users when a driver has strayed from the route by a certain distance.

Fleet GPS Tracking Device
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Make delivery business more effective
May 20, 2013
the installation is quite easy and make our delivery business more efficient. Can be tracked from many devices. Nobody will notice this. Build quality is also good.
easy install able to track multiple trucks on the same screen and get alerts when they either go too fast or go somewhere they aren't supposed to

Tony Becker
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

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