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Green Geek Power Watch

Item# 44-003

Save $15 for a limited time! Fight super-villains across the galaxy with the ultimate geek watch

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Green Geek Power WatchGreen Geek Power WatchGreen Geek Power WatchGreen Geek Power WatchGreen Geek Power WatchGreen Geek Power WatchGreen Geek Power Watch

Ready to take to the skies and fight crime with nigh limitless super hero alien powers? Well, this watch won't help you there. But, if you want to feel like you're ready to take on the world's super villains with a watch that looks like it hurtled through space for centuries and just fell through the sky, check out this Green Geek Power Watch, for sale now! The glowing green lights from this out-of-this-world watch shine like beacons, impressing everyone around you, who will be amazed at the willpower it takes to wear such a unique, cool watch, and best yet, yellow has no affect on its powers of good....or evil.

You can try, but of course, this watch won't

  • Provide you with an impervious body shield and ultra-cool costume
  • Allow you to manipulate reality or transport across the galaxy
  • Give you alien powers of hypnosis, telepathy or invisibility
  • Manifest your wildest superhero desires (Muhahah hahaha)
  • Be impervious to water, which renders it powerless

Made of black alloy stainless steel , this geek watch will be certain to hypnotise all weak minded individuals around you with its brightly animated patterns of green glowing light that spontaneously burst to life, putting all who accidently gaze at it under the watches spell.

What this geek watch will do is tell time in a unique, cool way that will give you a personal style that no one else can match. The LED lights on the watch face light up in different places to give you the time of day. How? It's simple, really! The lights next to the numbers 1-12 tell you the hour, the center column of lights give you the minutes in the tens place (10, 20, 30, etc), and the group of lights between the inside column and the outside columns next to numbers 1-9 give you the minutes in the ones place (12:11, 12:12, 12:13, etc). Sound complicated? Not or a super hero like you. Give it a try - a day later, you'll be using it as quick as you would a normal watch, but instead of a boring old timepiece, you'll have a watch fit for an all-powerful defender of the universe.

Do you have the clad-steel of unbreakable willpower to boast this glowing, green alien watch on your wrist? Then buy this Green Geek Power Watch, for sale right now before its too late!

Green Geek Power Watch
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