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iTrail Covert GPS Logger

Item# 07-174

GPS Data Logger Covertly Records Detailed GPS Tracking Data Using Google Earth!

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iTrail Covert GPS Logger - Click to enlarge
iTrail Covert GPS LoggeriTrail Covert GPS LoggeriTrail Covert GPS LoggeriTrail Covert GPS LoggeriTrail Covert GPS LoggeriTrail Covert GPS LoggeriTrail Covert GPS Logger
  • Small device only 1.5” can be hidden anywhere
  • Uses GPS and Google Earth to track precise movements throughout the day
  • Can constantly record exact address, time & speedfor up to 120 continuous hours
  • Multiple report file formats for your convenience
  • Water resistant for outdoor use
  • Motion detection recording to conserve battery life
  • Optional Magnetic Case is water resistant & mounts strong & tough
  • Upgrade to an Extended Battery which gives you an extra 90 hours of drive time!
  • Know their every move with this tiny, covert GPS data logger!

    Are you getting a little concerned that those closest to you have secrets to hide? Maybe you're a little more lucky, and are getting ready to hit the road for the vacation of a lifetime. Either way, you're going to want to buy one of these GPS data loggers, for sale right now! You'll enjoy professional grade technology in a tiny, 1.5'' x 1.5'' frame that can easily be hidden in cars, purses, backpacks, luggage - the possibilities are endless. The GPS data logger works with Google Earth to produce detailed, mapped movements of the device, and the person who is unknowingly carrying it around. When you're ready to view the information, simply plug the device into your computer with the USB cable. Simple as that! It's low risk, and could reveal truths that threaten your family! Get access to the best GPS data logger technology on the market today!

    The GPS data logger is as versatile as it is stealthy!

    Need to record lots of information? Maybe you just aren't sure when that shocking side trip by your spouse or child is going to happen. No worries - the iTrail can record up to 120 hours of location, speed and time data continuously, so you can plant it and forget about it for a while, letting it do all the work. Is that not enough? Upgrade to an Extended Battery which gives you an extra 90 hours of drive time! Best of all, a motion detector will put the device to sleep when there is no motion, to conserve power. This way you can record WEEKS of data depending how often the best gps logger available is on the move.

    When it comes time to vie your GPS data logger's information, you can download the files in a variety of different formats, including HTML, PDF, DOC, and CSV. Going on an epic road trip, and need to make an equally epic log of your journey? The iTrail is water resistant, so you can take it with you on rough mountain hikes and beach adventures, too! There are so many uses for this GPS data logger, it'd be impossible to not be able to find a use for it

    Great for recording Trips & Hiking Adventures Using Google Earth to Share with Family

    This small GPS logger is not just for spying. Its also for remembering those fun trips and attaching photos to your locations with google earth. Thats right. Its easy to save your GPS location data, open it up in Google Earth, and add all your photos to each GPS location point for free. Then you can share that google earth file with your friends and family so they can relive your entire journey as if they were there with you. Viewing photos along with your GPS tracking data is easy.

    With the Best GPS Logger, you can:

    • Track a suspicious spouse's movements
    • Make sure your child is staying out of trouble
    • Make a detailed log of your vacations
    • Create airtight alibis to fight false accusations
    • Plan better trucking routes to save money and time


    The Best GPS Logger includes:

    • 1.5'' x 1.5'' x 0.5'' iTrail GPS Logger
    • Installation mini-CD
    • USB charge/transfer cable
    • Optional Water Resistant Magnetic Case
iTrail Covert GPS Logger
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