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Professional Cell Phone & GPS Detector

Item# 07-187

GPS Detection Device Tells You If You’re Being Tracked Instantly

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Professional Cell Phone & GPS DetectorProfessional Cell Phone & GPS DetectorProfessional Cell Phone & GPS DetectorProfessional Cell Phone & GPS Detector
  • GPS detection device scans entire area around you for common broadcasting frequencies
  • Finds any cell phone, listening device, or GPS tracker in your vicinity
  • LCD display lists detailed information about devices found

Handheld Cellular & GPS Detection Device reveals other devices being used to spy on you!

As the world moves further into the 21st century, technology is becoming more and more advanced and widely used. Unfortunately, that also means that it’s becoming easier and easier for others to invade your privacy and spy on you without your knowledge. Fight back, and buy this GPS detection device, for sale right now!

Our GPS detection devices are small, quick and sturdily built. Each one scans the surrounding area for common GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, and DCS frequencies, between 824 and 1980 MHz, reporting back to you exactly what it found through an LCD display on the front of the device. These GPS detection devices are anti-surveillance equipment at its finest! In a matter of minutes, you’ll know of any cell phones, GPS trackers, or hidden listening devices in your car, home or office. Secure your privacy today, and buy the Cell Phone & GPS Detector Pro, for sale right now!

With the Cell Phone & GPS Detector Pro, you can:

  • Sweep your car for hidden listening devices
  • Find any bugs that have been planted in your office
  • Scan your home regularly to make sure your privacy isn’t being invaded
  • Find a lost cell phone around the house
  • *Can only detect signals when transmiting device is active

The Cell Phone & GPS Detector Pro includes:

  • 3.75’’ x 3.7’’ x 1’’ GPS detection device
  • DC 5V charger
  • Earphones
  • 3.7V battery
  • Euro adapter plug
  • Antenna
LCD Display
824-1980 MHz Scanning range
Vibration and buzzing alert
High/Medium/Low sensitivity adjustment
DC 5V Adapter power input
DC 3.7V Battery input
24 hours Battery lifetime
Battery life indicator display
4.5V-5.5V Operating voltage
Product Function: GSM (880-915 MHz) (up-link frequency bands) CDMA (824-849 MHz) (up-link frequency bands) WCDMA (1920-1980 MHz) (up-link frequency bands) DCS (1710-1785 MHz) (up-link frequency bands) Antenna: Dual band dipole omni-directional (maximum gain at vertical position) Sensitivity (adjustable): GSM better than -55 dBm @ antenna CDMA and WCDMA better than -65 dBm @ attenna Rejection: >25 dB @ out of band Detection Mode: RF power peak detection Rotary Tuner: On-off switch + squelch control (rotate clock-wise to tune on power and increase sensitivity) Power: Li-battery (single, 1800 mAh @3.7 VDC) Charger: Input: 100-240 VAC, 5060Hz / Output: 5V DC, 1A max Indicators: Yellow LED on: Power on Yellow LED dimmed: requires charging Red LED on: Charging in progress Red LED off: Charging Complete Operation Time: Stand-by > 20 hours, Nominal > 18 hours, Vibrator continuous on > 8 hours Dimensions: 96mm L x 60mm W x 23.5mm T (120mm with antenna) Weight: 110 grams (including battery) Accessories: One Ear Phone
Professional Cell Phone & GPS Detector
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