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Gravy Candy Canes

Item# 019-331

Gravy Candy Canes are the perfect after dinner treat if you never wanted dinner to end. Some people's dream food is cake and some people's dream food is turkey. We think you know which candy cane to get them.

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Gravy Candy CanesGravy Candy Canes
  • Delicious gravy candy canes
  • Tastes like real gravy!
  • Extend your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner!
  • Package comes with 6 candy canes
  • Color: White/Tan

Everything Else Is Just Gravy!

Gravy is the best topping for any food around the holidays. It is a topping that only comes out in the colder seasons. A perfect, creamy, hot belly warmer that defines comfort food whenever it is drizzled over meat and potatoes. There's a reason that you're bound to hear the phrase "Easy on the gravy!" at least once every Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is just too good to stop. You see it, smell it and you want more. Well, not to worry, there is a way to sneak more gravy flavor into your life even after your Mom sends you away from the table. Have a Gravy Candy Cane for dessert!

Gravy Candy Canes Extend Thanksgiving Dinner!

Nobody wants the gorging, fun, food, and conversation of Thanksgiving dinner to stop. It's just too much fun and you know the next day just involves a lot of groaning from your overstuffed stomach. Everybody misses it once it's gone. Not to worry, now you can extend your Thanksgiving dinner for another week with a full box of Gravy Candy Canes!

Gravy Candy Canes
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