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Grip of Death Tanto with Skeleton Stand

Item# 032-082

Death's blade is yours with this Grip of Death Tanto.

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Grip of Death Tanto with Skeleton Stand - Click to enlarge
It's like Excalibur coming out of the lake, but much darker and much deadlier. Death's own hand erupts from the ground to offer you this Grip of Death Tanto with Skeleton Stand, for sale now. You'll feel Death's touch on this masterful blade, made from high quality steel and decorated in lavish fashion, with skeleton art and etchings covering every part of the handle, sheath and stand. With all of the effort that went into designing such an incredible weapon, you'll almost be shocked to death by how affordable the whole thing is. Don't let this opportunity pass away before you can avail yourself of it; check out this Grip of Death Tanto now!

The Grip of Death Tanto is 12'' long overall, and weighs a mere 1 lb. The blade itself is 6.75'' long, and is made from 440 stainless steel. The handle is cast resin with an elaborate and skillfully done bone mosaic. The dagger sheath, secured in Death's iron grip, matches the handle perfectly, making for a seamless display. The best part is the display stand. Normally an overlooked part of the display, this stand is the skeletal hand of death, holding the dagger firmly with no intention of letting it go to anyone but the master of the blade. You don't see fantasy blades this good very often; buy this Grip of Death Tanto with Skeleton Stand now, while you still can!
Grip of Death Tanto with Skeleton Stand
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