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Computer Speaker Hidden Video Camera

Item# 050-007

  • Fully Functioning Speakers
  • Records 640 x 480 Resolution Video
  • Max SD Card Size 32 GB
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • Camera Lens 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall.
  • Includes 4 GB SD Card
  • Low Light Recording - .05 Lux
  • Time and Date Stamps on all footage
  • Watch Playback On TV / PC via Cables or SD Card
  • Easy-To-Use & Set-up In Minutes
  • 1 Year Warranty, Unlimited FREE Tech Support
  • Now Only: $399.00
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    Computer Speaker Hidden Video Camera - Click to enlarge

    Computer Speaker Hidden Cameras Record Silently

    This completely covert camera will give you sound evidence to present against whoever you need to. Computer speakers are attached to just about every desktop computer in the world. So it won't be obvious or conspicuous to buy new ones. "The old ones broke" is all you'll have to say. They function as regular speakers as well so they can be playing and recording video at the same time.

    Record Months Of Motion Activated Video

    99% of all people, need motion detection recording only. This way your total recording time will last months since the camera is set to motion detection mode. All systems are set to motion detection automatically direct from the factory, so there is no need to change anything once you get it. Plug-and-Play out of the box. Itís that easy.

    Additionally, with 60 second post recording, the Computer Speaker Hidden Video camera will continue recording after the action stops. This ensures you will never miss a thing.

    160 Hours Of Video Recording Storage On 32 GB SD Card

    Donít worry about your camera running out of room to store the footage youíve recorded. This camera has an SD card capacity of up to 32 GB. This will give you room to store up to 160 hours of crisp, clear video. When you are watching the playback, you wonít be cut off before you see what youíre looking for. Not only is this speaker hidden camera completely covert, but on the off chance that itís found, the SD card will be safe in a hidden compartment. These precautions will keep the evidence you need in your hands.

    Low Light Recording Captures Video With Little Illumination

    Not only can this camera record beautiful color video, it can also do that with very little light using the .05 Lux CCD camera. Donít worry about your picture getting grainy and unclear when the sun starts to go down. This Computer Speaker Hidden Video camera can record in the dim light of dawn and dusk. Low light recording is not the same as night vision; night vision records in complete darkness.

    Time / Date Stamp On All Video For Pinpoint Evidence

    If you are attempting to capture incriminating footage that you want to use against somebody in a court of law; the footage must have time and date stamps. Lucky for you, this camera marks all recorded footage with just that; making everything you record usable evidence in your favor.

    Easily Watch Video Playback On Any Computer or TV

    When you want to watch the playback of your footage, you can do it one of two ways. The first way is for your computer; simply remove the SD card from your camera and insert it into your computer using the included SD card reader. The second way to view your recordings is to plug the camera into your television with the video out cables.

    1 Year Warranty and Unlimited FREE Tech Support

    If you have any questions or concerns with the product you purchased, not to worry, all cameras come with a 1 year warranty with unlimited tech support, completely free.

    Features And Benefits:

    free lifetime tech support
    Free Lifetime Tech Support
    If you have any questions or need any help at all, we offer free lifetime tech support with this device.
    easy to set-up and use
    Easy to Set-up and Use
    This camera has been thoroughly tested and is voted very easy to setup and operate for anyone.
    user adjustable settings
    User Adjustable Settings
    Adjust your cameraís settings to match your exact needs! Itís simple to setup and control!
    high-res color video
    High-Res Color Video
    If youíre looking for the absolute clearest picture, this camera records gorgeous color video in high resolution.
    time and date stamp
    Time and Date Stamp
    If youíre looking to have proof exactly when your video was recorded, a time/date stamp will be perfect for you.
    motion activated video
    Motion Activated Video
    Features motion-activated recording, allowing you to save hours of looking through pointless footage.
    one year warranty
    One Year Warranty
    Donít you worry about a thing! This product is covered by a full one year manufacturerís warranty!
    completely covert design
    Completely Covert Design
    Specially designed to blend flawlessly into any environment! No lights or noises that will make anyone suspicious.
    professional grade
    Professional Grade Product
    Know youíre getting the best quality with our high quality, professional grade surveillance equipment.
    adjustable quality
    Adjustable Quality
    Want the highest resolution video or do you want to use lower quality to conserve memory? Itís simple to adjust!
    record video to sd card
    Record to SD Card
    Use up to a 32GB card to store days of video. Easy to plug in and watch video playback on any computer.
    watch playback on tv
    Watch Playback on TV
    If you want to view the recorded footage instantly, just plug your camera into the tv using the included RCA cables!
    ac outlet powered
    AC Outlet Powered
    Powered by standard AC outlet power. Perfect for anyone who doesnít want to worry about battery life.
    fully functional product
    Fully Functional Product
    Not only is this a hidden spy camera, it also retains all the functionalities of its original use!


  • All of the original functions of the Aopen PC Speakers work.
  • Camera and recorder are powered by the PC speakerís own power cord.
  • The camera is pointing out and slightly up.
  • The viewing angle is 80 degrees wide and 70 degrees tall.
  • There are no beeps, no lights, no noise and no sign that a camera or recorder is inside.
  • The video is easily playable on Windows Media Player or any other player (DivX, etc.).
  • We have a support page on our website where we offer SECURE software downloads, answer common technical issues, installation information and general support.
  • Technical phone support is available during our normal business hours.
    • Specifications:

      • Model: ~ Aopen PC Speakers / All Of The Original Functions Work 100% / Original Condition
      • Camera Lens: ~ Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Pinhole Lens
      • Quality: ~ 420 TV Lines
      • Minimum Lux (light): ~ 0.5
      • Resolution: ~ 640 x 480 DVD/MPEG2 Quality
      • Frame rate: ~ 12FPS
      • Recording Mode: ~ Motion Detection
      • Storage Mode: ~ SD and HCSD Cards
      • Sizes Supported: ~ 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
      • Recording Length: ~ 10 seconds Ė 2 minutes per clip or per motion
      • Recording Cycle: ~ Auto-Recycle (deletes oldest clip)
      • Recording Capacity: ~ Recording with motion detect on, In most environments the DVR will record between 2-4 days per Giga-byte (GB). If the DVR is set to record continuously, The DVR will record 3.5 hours per GB. (Continuously recording is not recommended, If you need this feature, Please notify us when you place the order)
    Computer Speaker Hidden Video Camera
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