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Instant Underpants

Item# 019-269
Instant Underpants - Click to enlarge
Instant Underpants - Click to enlarge

Never Accidentally Go Commando Again! Forget to put on some underpants this morning? All you need is water!


Just Add Water and Voila -- A Wet Pair of Undies

Space age technology has never come up with something more useful than this. Ready to eat meals? Nope. Indestructible plastic? Useless! These Instant Underpants are guaranteed to change your life the next time you forget to throw on some scivvies when you're rushing out the door to work or school. We've compressed a pair of unisex underpants into a compact pellet, and all you have to do is add water to loosen it up and you'll be able to wear it in no time. Wet underpants are better than no underpants at all!

  • Each tin is 2-1/2" round
  • Disposable unisex underpants
  • Fits most children and small adults
Instant Underpants
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