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Flexdex Light Up Skateboard Longboard

Item# 041-000
Clear 29 LT Flexdex Led Skateboard - Click to enlarge
Flexdex Light Up Skateboard Longboard - Click to enlarge
Light Up LongboardLight Up SkateboardLED SkateboardGlow in the dark SkateboardFlexdex Light Up Skateboard Longboard

Hover Like A UFO All Night With LED Light Up Skateboard Power. Back In stock for a Limited Time. More colors to arrive in March.

Optional Battery Pack:

Ride In Style Any Time Of Day!

The Flexdex Clear29 LT longboard LED skateboard for sale is a hot seller that looksgreat both day and night.We start with all superior quality parts thatprovidea highperformance ride that experts and novices will appreciate, add LEDLIGHTS and you've got a one-of-a-kind longboard!

Ride In Style

The Only Board You Will Ever Need!

Odds are you won't be able to shred like pro skaters Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler or Bam Margera, but you'll definitely light up the night! Made from clear polycarbonate for a super smooth ride and incredible light disbursement. Seeing your deck light up at night is simply magical! Like hovering on a UFO. Awesome to shred or cruise on, it's sure to be your favorite longboard.

Light Up The Night

*** Amber and Green are discontinued

  • Clear-as-Glass Polycarbonate Longboard 29" X 8.5"
  • LED Lights Powered By 9V Battery
  • 9" High Response Gullwing Mission Trucks
  • Smooth Riding Translucent Wheels
  • ABEC5 Racing Bearings

The crystal Clear29LT Lightboard by Flexdex proves that harmony can emerge when style and function come together as one. The only light up skateboard longboard of its kind, the Clear29LT rides with the same intensity that Flexdex has come to be known for, with an aesthetic appeal that has never been duplicated, better yet seen anywhere else.You may need to get some of our drinking stuff to help yourself relax after a long ride. A highly versatile shape, this longboard can ride anywhere and catches attention everywhere. The Clear29LT is one of the most flexible light up skateboardsfrom the2006 line-up and soaks up road vibrations like a sponge. Pumping, cruising or shredding, there is no end to how much energy this board produces.

The Flexdex Light Up Skateboard Is Clear As Glass!

The rider can literally watch the asphalt go by through the Clear29LT deck like a window to the road, when daylight falls and you flip the switch the entire deck glows and can be seen for blocks. Powered by a 9-volt battery that is easily replaced, you'll never be at a loss for light.

Further, the Clear29LT is blinged out with 9" High Response Custom Flexdex Trucks,smooth riding translucent wheels that soak up the light and ABEC5 racing bearings. The Clear29LT is one seductive ride. The board has a very soft and responsive flex.With deep flexing in hard carves, this board has pop, yet lacks any unwanted spring back. Secondly, the Clear29LT's deck material has an amazing level of vibration absorption.

Coupled with the soft risers in the back, the Clear29LT is very forgiving on curb drops and on less than smooth terrain, softening out sidewalk gaps and potholes with ease.The board's rails are gently beveled, allowing a great sense of where the deck edge lies beneath your feet without requiring aggressive pressure when the deck rails are laid into. Also, the board's width allows for an extremely stable platform for reliable drifts. Changing of foot stance is a matter of ease with the placement of the trucks.

Though the deck itself is clear, it's not the least bit fragile. It takes shots with all the rugged nature you would expect from Flexdex. There truly is something mystical about laying out smooth, slashing carves on the Clear29 and seeing the world flow by, underneath your feet by day and riding the light by night.
  • Clear-as-Glass Polycarbonate Longboard 29" X 8.5"
  • LED Lights Powered By 9V Battery
  • 9" High Response Gullwing Mission Trucks
  • Smooth Riding Translucent Wheels
  • ABEC5 Racing Bearings
Flexdex Light Up Skateboard Longboard
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