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Light Up Moonlight Pillow™

Item# 07-114

The original color-changing light up moonlight pillow is the fluffiest and coolest looking pillow anywhere. Impossible to put down.

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Light Up Moonlight Pillow™Light Up Moonlight Pillow™Light Up Moonlight Pillow™Light Up Moonlight Pillow™Light Up Moonlight Pillow™Light Up Moonlight Pillow™Light Up Moonlight Pillow™

The Original Light Up Pillow® Sold Worldwide. Loved By Everyone!

*** The wait is finally over! Our best selling light up decor is back in stock, but hurry, these will sell out quick. Last time this sold out in 24 hours.

  • Ultra-soft Plush Synthetic Fur. Ohhh! Ooohh! Ahhh!
  • 24 LED's Shift Colors from Red, Blue, White, Green & Yellow
  • Tap to Switch On/Off
  • 100's of Hours on 3 AAA Batteries
  • Cushion size - 14" x 14" x6"

Your Light Up Pillow Gently Shifts Colors To Create Mood Lighting.

Mood lighting doesn't come much softer than this! This light-up pillow is a gentle color changing pillow that is simply, the softest, fluffiest pillow available anywhere. Made from ultra-soft plush fur, an internal light source illuminates the whole cushion with a gently shifting light that shimmers between various different colors.

How Does The Moonlight Light Up Pillow Work?

Powered by a battery pack that sits tucked away inside a hidden zip-up compartment, 24 low energy LEDs ensure that the Moonlight Cushion is both bright and safe.

A tap to the center of the moonlight pillow brings it to life or switches it off, so there’s no need to access the battery pack during normal use. Chilled out, but still warming, the soft glow of a Moonlight Cushion turns naps into trips as is the perfect way to create a cosmic acid trip like illumination in any room.

Who Wouldn't Love This Amazing Pillow?

  • Kids love cuddling up to it when they fall asleep.
  • Night Light Alternative
  • Geeks Everywhere
  • Teenagers and College Dorms
  • Perfect room ambiance when setting the right mood
  • Night clubs and businesses
  • Cushion size - 14" x 14" x6"

So Soft and Cool-Looking, You Won't Be Able To Put It Down -- A Great Kids Pillow

You can use this light up cushion anywhere you want some calm mood lighting, or even as a reassuring nightlight for a children's bedroom. Kids also love the comfort that the gentle light up pillow brings. It's a pillow for kids that also functions as a soft night light that helps gently put them to sleep. Teens and College Students love these in their dorm rooms.

*Batteries not included.

Light Up Moonlight Pillow™
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