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Surface Spy Listening Probe

Item# 74-02

Listen Through Walls & Record with this Incredible Wall Mic

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Surface Spy Listening Probe - Click to enlarge
Surface Spy Listening ProbeSurface Spy Listening Probe
  • Detects voice vibrations and converts to voice audio, letting you listen through walls
  • Listen and record conversations in an adjacent room
  • Built-in contact element and gain control mean absolute ease of use

Amazing listening probe allows you to listen through walls and solid objects!

You read that right. Itís not the stuff of spy fiction - itís real technology, and now, it can be yours. Buy this incredible wall mic, for sale now, and listen through walls for conversations at the other end. How? The listening probe has a built-in contact element and gain control, so you donít need to constantly adjust anything. Simply hold this high-tech surveillance probe up to a solid surface, and the device converts the tiny voice vibrations it picks up into voice audio.

This Super High Power Acoustic Contact Microphone certainly meets the qualifications for the best in it's class! The small acoustic "super sensor" pick-up is simply placed against any surface and all sound vibrations will be amplified up to 100 times via our portable 1 watt RMS amplifier and fed into specially manufactured perfectly matched active noise cancellation stereo headphones. The result is truly incredible.

You just listen in on your headphones, or record what you hear to an external recording device. Get the ultimate piece of professional audio surveillance spy gear today, and listen through walls with your powerful new wall mic.

Please note: Surface Spy Listening Probe is not meant for use in unsolicited audio surveillance of private communications. This is illegal, and you can be prosecuted for it. This device is intended for training and testing purposes only.

With the Surface Spy Listening Probe, you can:

  • Train police or private investigators in the use of audio surveillance equipment
  • Exchange communication with a friend between walls (if you both have one)
  • Listen through solid objects
  • Conduct a professional private investigation
The "super sensor" pick-up can be mounted to any solid surface using the included acoustical "putty". When removed, special putty can be reused again and again. 4 "squares" of putty are included in kit.

Our special amplifier is made in Israel by an Israeli military TSCM contractor to our specifications. Amplifier features volume control, background noise filter switch, and 3.5mm output jacks for headphone and recording device. Operated for up to 25 hours on a 9 volt battery.

The "ReSound" active noise canceling foldable stereo headphones frees user from any unwanted noise and provides private listening even in noisy environments. These headphones are very comparable with national brand (Bose) headphones priced at almost $299.00. They also can be used in all stereo, MP3, CD, Airplanes (movies) and other types of applications. Adaptors, carry bag, and 2 "AAA" batteries are included.
Internal automatic gain control
Built in contact element
Connects to any standard tape recorder
Uses 9V battery ( not included)
Recorder output compatible with audio spectrum analyzers
Surface Spy Listening Probe
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