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Man Sack Fanny Pack

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Fanny packs don't have the best reputation. They carry connotations of people who wear socks with sandals and visors. No longer! The Man Sack Fanny pack takes all of the weakling and beats it out of fanny packs. Carry things around in your stomach pouch like a man!

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Man Sack Fanny Pack - Click to enlarge
  • Hilarious Gift For Dad
  • Looks like a pair of balls
  • Very useful for work around the house
  • Laugh a little while you work!
  • Color: Brown

Carry Everything You Need Around In Your Sack

This hilarious fanny pack looks just like a pair of testicles and it will probably take a pair to give it as a gift. Since there are plenty of you out there that have one or two, pay it forward and give this hilarious joke gift to someone you know will wear it proudly. Women try to make us afraid and ashamed of our bodies, don’t let them! Show off your man sac with pride and wear it wherever you go!

Great Gift For Proud Men Or Jealous Women

This is a fantastic gift for anybody with a pair. They’re going to need them to wear this around and they’re going to need it so they can ignore people who tell them to take it off. There is no reason everybody shouldn’t find this fanny pack hilarious. Men, be proud of your balls, don’t let them take them away!

Man Sack Fanny Pack
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