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Mini Crime Scene Tape

Item# 019-164

"Misplace" Another Item at Your House or Office? This Requires an Investigation.

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Mini Crime Scene Tape - Click to enlarge
Mini Crime Scene TapeMini Crime Scene TapeMini Crime Scene Tape

Hold it Right There! There's Been a Household Crime! Time to Tape Off the Area

Got a friend or relative who's constantly 'borrowing' things from you without, you know, asking first? Enough is enough. The next time they commit one of these crimes against humanity, tape off the area like a CSI team would with this Mini Crime Scene Tape. It looks and works like any scotch tape dispenser, but the message is much more serious.

You get 100" of 3/4"-wide tape in each roll, so don't be afraid to be generous in doling out some serious warnings to those who can't take the hint whenever they steal your stuff. If this doesn't get the message across, it might be time to call the proper authorities.

  • Comes with 100 inches of 3/4-inch wide tape
Mini Crime Scene Tape
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