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My Two Cents Tip Card

Item# 042-050

Give Somebody a Piece of Your Mind For a Change!

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My Two Cents Tip CardMy Two Cents Tip CardMy Two Cents Tip CardMy Two Cents Tip Card

Bad Waiter or Waitress? Tip Them Your Two Cents!

Everybody's had bad experiences at restaurants before. Whether your server was nasty, slow or just not very good at their job, the only way to express your displeasure with them was to leave a bad tip. Not anymore. The My Two Cents Tip Card is full of twenty aluminum tokens that express how you really feel in a unique way.

These coins have phrases such as "IOU," "Epic Fail," "Don't Quit Your Day Job" and "Come On, This is Better Than a Real Tip." Stuff a few of these in your wallet and wait for that disappointing lunch to let your sassy server know how you really fell.

  • Packed in a double-sided coin card in a peggable clear headerbag
My Two Cents Tip Card
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