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Optimus Maximus Keyboard

Item# 81-017

Optimus Maximus Keyboard: The Last Keyboard You’ll Ever Need

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Optimus Maximus Keyboard - Click to enlarge
Optimus Maximus KeyboardOptimus Maximus Keyboard
The Optimus Maximus Keyboard is the most unique, most amazing, most progressive keyboard ever built. This thing has more gadgets in its 113 display keys than we do in our store. If you need to get someone the most amazing computer gadget in the world, this is it. We’re sure you’ve heard of this exceptional product before but if you haven’t yet; take a look below to see what all the fuss is about.

First of all each key on the keyboard has its own OLED micro-monitor! Instead of plain old printed keys, each key is actually a tiny monitor that displays the letters. You can set these keys to anything you’d like, and in any language! You can even make the keys display pictures or videos! If you want you can make the keys display information about your computer whether it’s how much power you have remaining, the RAM usage, the brightness, etc.

This keyboard can also be set to display the hotkeys for whichever program is being used. That means for any program, no matter which you’re on, you can set the keys to perform different functions. The Optimus Maximus Keyboard even comes with a built-in USB hub and SD Card reader so you can save and share your settings on other keyboards! There are endless things this amazing device can do, buy one today and see for yourself.


Keyboard Dimensions:

  • Length - 537 mm (21.1″)
  • Width - 173 mm (6.8″)
  • Height - 38 mm (1.5″)
  • Key - 20.2×20.2 mm (0.8″×0.8″)

Each of the 113 Displays:

  • Technology - OLED
  • Viewable Area - 10.1×10.1 mm (0.4″×0.4″)
  • Resolution - 48×48 pixels
  • Frame Rate - 10 Frames Per Second Minimum
  • Colors - 65 536
  • Viewing Angle - 160°
  • Compatibility:

    • Connection - USB 2.0
    • Control - Optimus Configurator Software
    • Operating System - Windows, Mac OS X
    • System Requirements:

      • PC with installed OS Windows XP, Vista or 7, with a USB 1.1 (or better 2.0) port; Mac OS X 10.5.1 or higher
      • At least 20 MB of free space on hard drive
      • At least 256 MB of RAM

      Other Information:

      • Supports ALL languages
      • One year warranty
      • This product is truly amazing. Just buy it already.
Optimus Maximus Keyboard
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