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Paper Plane Pencil Case

Item# 80-032

Let your creativity soar with the Paper Plane Pencil Case!

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Paper Plane Pencil Case - Click to enlarge
Paper Plane Pencil CasePaper Plane Pencil Case
  • Pencil case that looks like a paper airplane
  • Let your mind soar and draw your own path
  • Looks like loose leaf paper

Paper Plane Pencil Cases Allow Your Mind To Take Off

Paper planes have been a cheap alternative to remote controlled planes that parents would make kids use for years until they were “old enough.” Made with a single piece of looseleaf paper, these planes would often fly in the air for several seconds before dropping like a rock. But they did look cool and they were usually one of the few Origami folds we were all taught as a child.

Inbound Shipment Of Pencils On The Next Plane

Here we have a Paper Plane Pencil Case, a pencil case which resembles one of those paper planes you would make as a kid! Only instead of paper which will only get destroyed all too quickly, this cool pencil case is made from hard plastic which will keep all your supplies safe. Measures at 20 x 9 x 10cm. Perfect to keep your supplies in at school or around the office.

Paper Plane Pencil Case
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