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Rambo IV Standard Edition Machete

Item# 032-008

Celebrate the return of Rambo with this Rambo IV machete.

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Rambo IV Standard Edition MacheteRambo IV Standard Edition MacheteRambo IV Standard Edition Machete
After twenty long years, Rambo finally returned to the big screen in 2008 in Rambo IV, and he was better than ever in almost every way. He was more cunning, smarter, and more deadly, and it showed throughout the film. What guy didn't have glorious flashbacks to the Rambo movies of old, while still enjoying some of the best action cinema in the past decade? Rambo's machete represented the whole of Rambo's improvement, deep in the jungles of Burma, taking on entire squadrons. That machete was something else, and now, it can be yours. Buy the Rambo IV Standard Edition Machete, made in the likeness of Rambo's own from the movie. It's an officially licensed, authentic, limited edition piece, so get on it soon, or you'll find yourself left out.

The Rambo IV Standard Edition Machete has an impressive 12'' blade, with a 6'' handle. It's sleek, strong and deadly, and can be a priceless part of your movie collection today. After all, you'll be able to boast that you've got an authorized, limited edition, officially licensed piece of Rambo IV. Not many other people are going to be able to say that. Make sure that you are one of those people; wait too long and you're going to miss out. Everyone that comes by is going to be stunned that you have such an awesome looking piece of weaponry, and that's before they find out about its status as movie history. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this Rambo IV Standard Edition Machete, for sale right now!
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Rambo IV Standard Edition Machete
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