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Rubber Band Gatling Gun - Aluminum

Item# 013-01

This is not your kids toy rubber band gun

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Rubber Band Gatling Gun  - Click to enlarge
Rubber Band Gatling Gun - AluminumRubber Band Gatling Gun - AluminumRubber Band Gatling Gun - AluminumRubber Band Gatling Gun - AluminumRubber Band Gatling Gun - AluminumRubber Band Gatling Gun - AluminumRubber Band Gatling Gun - Aluminum
Proudly Made In The USA. This is 100% Aluminum, Not A Plastic Toy

The rubber band gun can hold over 100 rubber bands and shoots 1 at a time as fast as you can crank it.  The gun comes off of the base so you can hold it when you shoot or just keep it on the base and shoot.  As you can see from the pictures that it is not a kids rubber band gun.

This gun from Gadgets and Gear is machined from solid billet aluminum then powder coated for color and finish durability. It shoots standard office rubber bands that can be bought at Wal-Mart  (UNV-00164) Size 64  which are safe enough for point-blank shooting people (which will happen). Longer barrels can be made per your request that can shoot more powerful rubber bands. Gun weighs 15-20 lbs fully loaded and ready to go.

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  •  Mounted flashlight. (batteries included)
  • 100 rounds capacity, “shoot as fast as  you crank” gatling gun. (2 lbs of rubber bands included)
  • Gun self-supports with the barrels aligned with the users arm to aid in accuracy
  • Ships with operators manual, and features a pictorial loading instructions quick-guide.

High grade materials:

  • Billet Aluminum CNC machined parts (made in USA)
  • Glossy color Nylon separation cord around the crank
  • CNC machined Black Delrin handles for comfortable grip and control.
  • The gun weighs around 20 pounds with the base on it. 
Attention: Because this is custom built - 2 Week Lead Time Please
Rubber Band Gatling Gun - Aluminum
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