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Smoke Detector Hidden Camera (30 Day Battery) w/ IR

Item# 07-337

  • Real looking smoke detector
  • Record over 21 hours of footage to 32GB SD card
  • Night Vision Camera
  • Up to 30 Days Rechargeable Battery In Standby Mode! Use it anywhere!
  • Take High Quality 720x480 Videos!
  • Motion, Continuous or Panic Recording Modes

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Smoke Detector Hidden Camera (30 Day Battery) w/ IR - Click to enlarge
Smoke Detector Hidden Camera (30 Day Battery) w/ IRSmoke Detector Hidden Camera (30 Day Battery) w/ IRSmoke Detector Hidden Camera (30 Day Battery) w/ IRSmoke Detector Hidden Camera (30 Day Battery) w/ IR

This Covert Hidden Camera Is Disguised As A Smoke Detector

This bottom view Smoke Detector Hidden Camera is silent and records internally to the hidden SD card, making it virtually impossible to detect. Smoke Detectors can look normal in any room of the house or office, so it wouldn't look suspicious if you had one pretty much anywhere. That makes it the ultimate spy tool!

With A Rechargeable Battery, You Can Use It Anywhere

Do you know that you need to record something, but youíre unsure where? With this tiny spy cameraís 30 day battery, you can set it to record no matter where the action is! Just set the remote down and walk away! Then use the OTHER remote to record from the other room!

Reveal The Truth With Crystal Clear High Resolution

Most battery operated hidden cameras are notorious for their low resolution, choppy footage. But not ours! This tiny camera records 720x480 video, making it one of the clearest cameras out there! Itís perfect for anyone who needs to see every important detail!

Records Over 21 Hours Of Video To 32GB SD Card

This spy camera can record over 21 hours of high definition video to up to 32GB of internal storage. If you need to recharge the battery itíll be ready to go again in just hours.

Capture video at night with Night Vision Recording!

Worried something is going on when everyone should be asleep? Now you can record what's happening at any time using night vision mode! Just use the included remote control to set it up in seconds! Don't let darkness stand in your way of finding out the truth.

Only Record When You Want

The Smoke Detector Hidden Camera (30 Day Battery) w/ IR includes a smaller remote which you can use to record. No buttons on the smoke detector itself operates it, so you donít have to worry about someone accidentally starting/stopping the recording. Only your private remote can control the camera, allowing you to turn it on and off with the push of a button.

Simple To Use And Operate!

Your remote can easily control the camera functions with just a press of the button! Itís simple to set up! Want to view the footage? Just take out the SD card and plug it into your computerís SD slot so you can easily transfer files or view recorded footage! You can have it all done in minutes!

With Smoke Detector Hidden Camera You Can:

  • Secretly monitor your kids, to keep them honest and safe
  • See if anyone from the babysitter to the gardener is trying to take advantage of your trust
  • Make sure your spouse is staying faithful
  • Catch thieves in the act at your home or business
  • Keep an eye on your home or office while youíre away
  • Watch your elderly parentís caregivers to make sure theyíre getting the proper care
  • Start your own covert private investigation

Features And Benefits:

free lifetime tech support
Free Lifetime Tech Support
If you have any questions or need any help at all, we offer free lifetime tech support with this device.
easy to set-up and use
Easy to Set-up and Use
This camera has been thoroughly tested and is voted very easy to setup and operate for anyone.
user adjustable settings
User Adjustable Settings
Adjust your cameraís settings to match your exact needs! Itís simple to setup and control!
high-res color video
High-Res Color Video
If youíre looking for the absolute clearest picture, this camera records gorgeous color video in high resolution.
time and date stamp
Time and Date Stamp
If youíre looking to have proof exactly when your video was recorded, a time/date stamp will be perfect for you.
30 day battery life
30 Day Battery Life
No power cord needed! Place the camera wherever you need it and get up to 30 days of battery life!
motion activated video
Motion Activated Video
Features motion-activated recording, allowing you to save hours of looking through pointless footage.
completely covert design
Completely Covert Design
Specially designed to blend flawlessly into any environment! No lights or noises that will make anyone suspicious.
professional grade
Professional Grade Product
Know youíre getting the best quality with our high quality, professional grade surveillance equipment.
adjustable quality
Adjustable Quality
Want the highest resolution video or do you want to use lower quality to conserve memory? Itís simple to adjust!
record video to sd card
Record to SD Card
Use up to a 32GB card to store days of video. Easy to plug in and watch video playback on any computer.
infrared night vision
IR Night Vision
This camera has built-in IR night vision, allowing you to record footage in complete darkness.
includes remote control
Includes Remote Control
The included remote control allows you to start/stop a recording, change settings and watch playback.

Product Specs:

  • Does NOT function as a smoke detector
  • A/V RCA
  • Firmware Upgradable using SD card
  • Frame Rate: 6/8,13/15,25/30
  • Image Sensor: 1/4 720x480
  • IR remote control
  • Micro SD card up to 32GB
  • NTSC or PAL
  • PIR function
  • Power Rechargeable 2.7v Li Polymer Battery
  • Recording Mode: Motion, Continuous, Panic
  • Resolution: 720x480
  • Time and Date Stamp

Product Includes:

  • 2GB SD Card
  • Remote Control
  • USB Cable
Smoke Detector Hidden Camera (30 Day Battery) w/ IR
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Great functionality
June 19, 2013
Excellent idea, I take care of my elderly parents and hired caregivers to take care of them when I am not available. This product lets me know I can see what is happening when I am not home as well as keep them safe.

Janey Myers
long beach, ca
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Camera smoke detector
June 17, 2013
This a good product because the camera is in a place people don't expect it to be. This is good because then you can see what people are doing when they are off guard.

Bethesda, Maryland
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Brice Tester Review
June 12, 2013
This Smoke Detector may seem a little bit pricey, but I believe if you have a big house you need a way to hide the little Hidden Camera, in case you are gone on vacation trip or out for days and don't have anybody to monitor your house. I greatly recommend this tool for anyone looking to find out what's really going on when they're not around.
It was really easy to install and use.... no one would never guess that it has a hidden camera inside it. The video was clear and showed me everything I needed to see when I need to view it
the price a little to high but its affordable, if it could be a little cheaper that would be awesome.

brice tester
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

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