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Thumb Sucker Lollipop

Item# 019-212

A More Sanitary Way to Suck on Your Thumb! It's time to be a big baby all over again, and proud! Suck on this orange-flavored thumb for fun!

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"Stop Being Such a Baby!" NO! I Do What I Want!

Remember the days of throwing a hissy fit, crying for a while, calming down and sulking in the corner while sucking your thumb? Oh, that was yesterday? Okay. Well, sucking on your thumb is generally frowned upon in modern society when you're over the age of five, so try out a Thumb Sucker Lollipop instead! Flavored like a mandarin orange, these thumbs even taste better too! We'll even give them...two thumbs up for flavor! Get yours TODAY!

  • Flavor: Butter
  • Thumb Length: 2 1/2"
  • Tastes much better than your own thumb!
  • Thumb Sucker Lollipop
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