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Tiny Book Light

Item# 80-051

Check out the Tiny Book Light, the world’s smallest lamp!

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Tiny Book Light - Click to enlarge
Tiny Book LightTiny Book LightTiny Book LightTiny Book Light

The World's Tiniest Lamp!

Remember books? Those dusty old things that have sat on your shelves for years? Well if you ever want to try reading them again, do it with the Tiny Book Light. At just 5 inches tall, this little lamp is one of the most obvious yet coolest book lights out there.

Looks Like Pixar's famous Luxo Jr. Mascot!

With a click of the on/off switch you can relive the joy of reading a book. The wonderful feel of the crisp pages, the smell of the musty old paper, an experience an entire generation is now missing out on. Or just stick with your fancy Kindles and Nooks and iPads. Just be sure to buy this mini lamp.

  • Just 5 Inches Tall!
  • Powerful LED Bulb
  • Small Clip Attached on Bottom
Tiny Book Light
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