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Unique Lamps Are Unusual and Cool Accents For Your Room

Unique Lamps
If you're trying to design a modern, contemporary room that everyone around you will be able to admire, you owe it to yourself to check out these unique and unusual cool lamps for sale. These lamps come in all styles, shapes and sizes, but all have an edgy, modern feel to them that will exude cool (and light, of course) throughout your room. Your friends will be envious of your fresh, new style, and will be wondering where you got your awesome new lamp. You can grab a few to create a them throughout the house, too. Our collection is so large, it's impossible to go through it without finding something that you've just got to have. So, why wait? Get started, and buy one of our unique and unusual cool lamps now!

Shop Our New and Best Unique Lamps

Hypnocube Geek Led Light Show Cube
(6 Reviews)
Rocket Ship Lava Lamp
Liquid Lava Lamp
Metallic Glitter Lamp
Tiny Book Light
Groovy Motion Lamps
(2 Reviews)
Vision Lava Lamp
(1 Review)
Jellyfish Lamp
Night Stars Bedroom Lamp
(5 Reviews)
USB Desktop Aquarium
(5 Reviews)
Double Disco Ball
Buy the Sun Jar | Moon Jar | Solar Powered Lamp For SALE
(5 Reviews)
Rail Road Crossing Light
(1 Review)
Traffic Light Table Lamp
(1 Review)
Economy - Hanging Flame Lamp
Element Table Lamp AD-ELEMENT3W
Tasso Floor LED Lamp LS-LED-TASSO-FL
Icicle Table Lamp LSH-ICICLE-TBL
Lace Table Lamp LS-LACE-TABLE
Lace Tower Lamp LS-LACE-TOWER
Chrome Arch Lamp LS-ARCH-FLR
Doe Li Touch Lamp DOE-LI-LAMP
Clear Glass Glass Oval LS-GLS-OVAL
CarryOut Lamp Pink DK-CARRYOUT-PK
Glow Melon Lamp White LS-GLOW-MELON-W
Radiance Floor Lamp LS-RADIANCE-FLR
Fiber Optic Spray LS-FO-SPRAY
Radiance Table Lamp LS-RADIANCE-TBL
Precision Table Lamp LS-PRECISION
We've got so many of the best unique and unusual cool lamps, you'll have a hard time just making a decision. Don't worry, though; they're cheap enough to get a few and not feel too bad about it. You can even get several different types of lamps, if the standard bulbs aren't for you. Check out our lava lamps and fiber optic lamps to bring an even more unique and creative feel to your living space. They make ideal gifts for students. They're ideal for teens' rooms and dorm rooms alike, so look into one if you've got a soon-to-be graduate, or if a birthday is coming up in the family. Take a good look at our collection of unique and unusual cool lamps; we guarantee you'll love what you see.

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