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Waterproof Camera & Cell Phone Case

Item# 07-159

Protect your Camera & Cell Phone from Water & Sand

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Waterproof Camera & Cell Phone CaseWaterproof Camera & Cell Phone CaseWaterproof Camera & Cell Phone Case
Letís face it, water and electronics just donít mix. But seeing as around 71% of the earthís surface is made up of H20, itís unlikely youíre going to be able to keep them apart forever. Thatís where our 100% waterproof camera & cell phone case comes in. Featuring a transparent silicone and PVC holder framed by a heavy-duty hinged plastic seal, this durable, protective holder acts as your gadgetís guardian angel.

Your Touchscreen Panel Works Through The Protective Plastic

You can use this rugged case as a waterproof camera case or as a waterproof cell phone case as it safeguards phones, cameras, PDAs and any other small items you want to keep dry for depths of up to 40metres. Whatís more, the caseís transparent, flexible skin means that your device is still fully functional when itís sealed away from the water. Yes, you can even activate your handsetís touch screen or capture images on your digital camera - perfect if you want to snap your scuba trip!

Yes! The Waterproof Case Even Floats While It Protects!

Whatís more, itís designed to float, too, so thereís no need to worry about dropping it overboard or losing track of it in the swimming pool. And because the protective sealís airtight, you can be sure your gizmos are well guarded from other nasties too Ė dust, sand and snow are no match for this gadget guardian.

So whether you need a waterproof camera case or a waterproof cell phone case, this is the one new universal case designed to protect your electronics from the elements while enabling full functionality of the touchscreen.
  • >> Waterproof, protective and slim form-fitting design
  • >> Hinged case with touch-sensitive skin and a durable rubber seal
  • >> Guaranteed waterproof to depths of 1 metre (If the customer uses the product correctly)
  • >> Make and receive calls like normal when your phone is in the case
  • >> Touch screen works through waterproof case (please note: touchscreen cannot be activated under water)
  • >> Allows for underwater video (start recording before the case is submerged)
  • >> Please note: This case is compatible with iPhone 4 & 5
  • >> Before using the Aqua iPhone Case, please carry out the paper seal test as instructed
  • >> Please note: water may enter the outer rim of the case through the lanyard holes but this water will not pass through the inner seal of the case.
  • >> Never open your case in or under water. In order to stop water getting in once the seal is broken, completely dry the outside of the case before opening to inspect the test paper. Always open your Aqua Case face downwards by pulling the clasp upwards to release. Open it slowly and carefully so that any water trapped in the outer rim doesnít drip into the case.
Waterproof Camera & Cell Phone Case
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