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Wearable Cameras for all Body Worn Spy Video Recording

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Smart Watch Hidden Camera
Smartphone Hidden Camera
Night Eyes High Definition 8Gb Night-VisIon Watch Camera
(16 Reviews)
Tie Clip Hidden Camera
Hat Hidden Camera (Hardwired)
mini spy camera
(12 Reviews)
spy pen camera recorder
(13 Reviews)
USB Flash Drive Hidden Camera and Audio Recorder
(4 Reviews)
Coffee Cup Hidden Camera
Hidden Camera Sunglasses
(1 Review)
Mini DVR w/ Screen & Button Camera
Water Bottle Hidden Camera (Rechargeable Battery)
(1 Review)
Looking for spyware that’s cheap, practical and affordable? Look no further than our Wearable Cameras page! Each item on this page makes it easy for you to discreetly record high quality videos. The subject will think nothing of it as you record hours of footage using these tiny portable devices. Use spy pens, key chains, glasses or other items to get certain moments on tape without anyone knowing something is up.

Have you ever noticed anything suspicious but you didn’t have any proof? Maybe you saw someone stealing things at work. Or you don’t trust the sitter watching your children or the nurses “taking care” of your mother at the nursing home. Luckily you can discreetly record people using the latest spy gadgets out there today. Hide these wearable cameras on your clothing or leave them behind to actually catch someone in the act. Resembling sunglasses or ordinary household items, these body worn cameras will allow you to record video without attracting attention.

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