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WiFi Tissue Box Hidden Camera w/ DVR

Item# 050-001

Wi-Fi Spy Camera Lets You Check In Live Anytime Over the Internet or Record it using the built-in DVR!

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WiFi Tissue Box Hidden Camera w/ Remote Viewing - Click to enlarge
WiFi Tissue Box Hidden Camera w/ DVRWiFi Tissue Box Hidden Camera w/ DVRWiFi Tissue Box Hidden Camera w/ DVRWiFi Tissue Box Hidden Camera w/ DVR
  • Wireless spy camera monitors your house remotely via computer or smarphone
  • Wide Angle 104 Degrees 2.5 Sony 480 CCD Camera Hidden Inside
  • 0.001 lux - for Night Vision Recording
  • Watch security video easily over the Internet
  • Up to 10 Hour Rechargable Battery Included
  • Built-In DVR allows you to discreetly record to an SD Card

  • Keep an eye on your home or businesss, no matter where you are, with this Wi-Fi spy camera!

    Your home is your sanctuary, where you're supposed to be the safest. Sometimes, we can't even rely on that. Give yourself some peace of mind, and don't let doubts nag at you every time you leave the house! Buy this Wi-Fi Tissue Box Hidden Camera with Remote Viewing, for sale right now! This high-quality, CCD security camera will watch your house day and night, constantly streaming video over the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection. You can watch your private stream from anywhere with an Internet connection - the ultimate home surveillance system is never too far away! Best of all, this wireless spy camera is tucked away inside a normal-looking tissue box - no one will ever suspect they're being watched!

    Get professional grade surveillance gear for your home or office!

    This Wi-Fi spy camera isn't just a clever hidden piece of security equipment, though. Its a state-of-the-art, professional grade device that uses a high-quality CCD camera to record and stream full D1 video at 640x480 resolution!Your video can be watched online or on your computer, by hooking up the tissue box hidden camera to your computer. You can even use this Wi-Fi spy camera to keep tabs on your home at night - at 0.001 lux, this hidden camera functions well in extremely low-light conditions!

    Motion Activated Night Vision Recording Captures All The Action, Even in the Dark

    Who wants to sit through hours of video? With motion activated scheduled recording, you can easily set up the system to only record when motion is detected. Whats more is that you can set up motion areas so it will only detection motion say near the door, or a window rather than the entire room. With smart scheduling, you can set what hours and day of the week you want the recording to occur.

    Record Footage Using Built-in DVR!

    This camera even can record video using the built-in DVR! There is an SD Card reader that allows you to enter up to a 32GB card inside to record days of footage at a time! It's the perfect way to ensure that you'll be prepared no matter how you want to view the camera footage. No camera is more discreet or better for the job.

    With the Wi-Fi Tissue Box Hidden Camera with Remote Viewing, you can:

    • Make sure contractors and babysitters are trustworthy and honest
    • Keep an eye on the bedroom for unfaithful spouses
    • Make sure the kids aren't sneaking out or getting into trouble
    • Monitor your home secretly, without attracting any suspicion

    How to set up the remote viewing***

    • Via included ethernet cable, plug into your router
    • Using your computer, access the settings inside the unit to configure your networking
    • Within your router, set up your wireless routing options
    • Using RCA Cable, you can connect to a monitor to adjust your recording options, this can also be done remotely

    *** Attention:This product requires moderate level of networking comprehension for setting up the remote viewing. Since all computer networks are unique, we cannot provide any network support. Please take this into consideration prior to purchasing this product and contact your network administrator or network consultant to properly set up the networking options for remote viewing in your unique scenario.

    System Interface:

    • High resolution real time recording 640 x 480
    • 480TVL high resolution
    • Record and playback time max of 30 fps
    • 0.001 LUX
    • Wide angle 104 degrees 2.5 mm mini lens
    • SD card functions up to 32GP and 64 hours
    • Recording frame rate selectable
    • 10M/100M self-adapting Ethernet port,
    • SD card slot - SD card not included
    • WiFi port,802.11b/g wireless network (optional)
    • Alarm Input: 1 channel on/off input
    • Alarm Output: 1 channel on/off output
    • POWER SUPPLY: DC 12V (-/+10%)
    • POWER CONSUMPTION: 500mA (-/+10%)

    For Remote System requirement:

    • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Processor: Intel Pentium III, 1G or Higher (Pentium IV, 2G or Higher recommended)
    • RAM: 256 MB or more
    • Color Monitor: At least DirectX 8.1 or higher and 32M Display storage
    • HD: More than 40G
    WiFi Tissue Box Hidden Camera w/ DVR
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