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Cigarette Pack 2.4Ghz Wireless Hidden Camera

Item# 74-075

This Cigarette Pack Hidden Camera is very simple to use and very effective.

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Cigarette Pack 2.4Ghz Wireless Hidden Camera - Click to enlarge
Cigarette Pack 2.4Ghz Wireless Hidden CameraCigarette Pack 2.4Ghz Wireless Hidden Camera

Key Features:

  • 300 Foot “Line of Sight” Range
  • Catch Them in the Act
  • Simple to Use

Do you ever have suspicions that something is wrong? Maybe you’ve noticed little things in your house have gone missing. Maybe you don’t trust the new babysitter and just want to make sure your children are safe. No matter the reason, we have something that can help. This Cigarette Pack 2.4Ghz Wireless Hidden Camera discreetly looks like a regular pack of cigarettes, but it’s actually a high-tech hidden spy camera!

This tiny camera has a massive 300 foot “line of sight” range so you won’t miss a thing. The camera is located at the lower right side of the pack near the UPC code. The cigarette camera operates on a single 9-volt battery which lasts for around 8 hours.

The best part of this spy camera is how easy it is to use and operate. Simply open the top and push the red button to turn on and arm the unit. The green LED then confirms the unit is running. Camera/Transmitter module can be easily removed to replace the battery or insert into a new cigarette pack. Don't fear what's going on when you're not around and get yourself a hidden camera today.

The Cigarette Pack Hidden Camera Kit includes:

  • Cigarette pack camera
  • Hard carry case
  • Receiver
  • AC adaptor for receiver
  • 9 volt battery
  • 12 hour "AA" battery pack for receiver
  • No audio
Cigarette Pack 2.4Ghz Wireless Hidden Camera
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